Water saving heroes

The people of Newmarket already use less water per person than average in the UK.

The Smarter Drop is all about celebrating those people who are driving down their consumption and showing others how they can save too. We’ve asked some of our super savers to share their water saving tips so that we can all find simple ways to save at home.

Sarah Jones


Sarah and her husband Rob live in Newmarket with their five children.

"We first heard about the Smarter Drop when it launched in Newmarket in 2017. We’re very involved in the local community and like to get involved in new campaigns and initiatives, particularly when they help the environment or reduce bills.


Our best tip is to let the kids choose a song to play while they’re having a shower - and they must be out by the time it finishes! They love finding their shower songs and trying to beat the clock. We also used to bath our youngest in the sink when he was a baby, worked perfectly!


The Smarter Drop team also involved us in a project through their online community about reducing the amount of water going into sewers. They fitted a tank under our back garden which receives diverted rain from our roof. This water is used to run our downstairs toilet and washing machines – meaning we are cutting our bills by reusing water that would have previously gone into the sewer. It’s really had a big impact on our usage and it’s been great to teach the kids more about why we need to save our water".

Kerensa Klottrupp

Kerensa lives in Red Lodge and has found ways to save water in the kitchen.


"We’re very conscious of the environment as a family and we’re always on the look out for new ways to save. Recently, we’ve started only filling the washing up bowl half way. We used to fill it all the way but realised how much we were wasting and putting back down the sink. You can still wash your dishes just as well with only half the amount.


We’ve also taken part in some of the water saving trials the Smarter Drop team has run in Newmarket which have really helped us take a closer look at how we’re using our water".

Hannah Wilson

Hannah’s family make saving water fun. 


"There are five of us in our house, well seven if you include our two dogs! My husband and the children are really keen on saving water and do it without even thinking about it now.


"I find that the children are much more switched on to saving and being eco friendly than I was when I was younger. They will give the dogs their left over water when they empty their bottles after school and they recycle wherever they can. We’re also big fans of the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’ message – the downstairs toilet is strictly for guests!"