Smart metering

Since 2016, we’ve been installing smart meters in customers’ homes in Newmarket.

Since our region is one of the fastest growing and driest areas of the UK, we’ve been installing water meters to manage demand and help customers only pay for what they use.  We’ve installed almost 7000 households with smart meters, which take hourly reads. This allows us to compare usage between similar homes and alert our customers to extended periods of use which may indicate an internal leak within their home.

How have smart meters helped?

Smart meters are connected to an online portal which allows customers access to their consumption data, including showing how much they are using and when. This data helps us to understand if water is being used constantly, indicating a potential leak. Since we started this trial, we have saved our customers over 250,000 litres of water through detecting leaks this way. The people of Newmarket dropped their consumption by 7% during 2017. Having access to their data and a clear sight of how their consumptions compares to others really helps encouraging water saving behaviours. As part of the Smarter Drop campaign, we’re helping our customers to be smarter around the tap, giving them the tools to adapt and change their behaviour accordingly.




Improving your service

Smart meters allows us to detect and fix problems on our network more easily. We can also more accurately plan and forecast how much water a town will need. Additionally, we can understand how people use water more accurately meaning we can ensure the taps keep flowing in the future.


We can give our customers a greater level of service too. Smarter meters help us detect where leaks are, so we can fix them quickly. This includes letting our customers know if there is a leak on their private pipe, so they can avoid a large bill. Being able to read meters remotely means we don’t need to visit properties as often, saving time, money and carbon.