About us

Anglian Water's customer campaign

The Smarter Drop is Anglian Water's customer campaign to make saving water easier. It's all about making smart choices so we can build the water company of the future together.

Our mission


The Smarter Drop is part of a wider campaign called the Shop Window. This is a project that’s industry leading and is bringing the newest, most creative and forward thinking tools, processes and campaigns to Newmarket first. This is so we can build a small version of what our water company might look like in the future. Find out more here.


Meet the team


Our small Smarter Drop team is dedicated to building the water company of the future in Newmarket. We've got people who focus on managing projects behind the scenes and we've got others dedicated to bringing the best customer service to our customers where they can easily access it. Find out more here.




If you haven't found what you're looking for or would like to know more, check out our frequently asked questions here.